I’m so excited to announce that I’ve signed with the Totally Entwined Group to bring you a 4-book contemporary romance series about the Wildes family of Oregon. 
Much more info coming soon, but here’s a sneak peek. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page for info on signed pre-order copies!
make me fall romantic comedy cass scotka

Book 1: Make Me Fall - July 18, 2023

Life in Fallbank, Oregon is simple and quiet, exactly how Bridget Wildes likes it. She has other things to focus on, like hustling to keep her family store from closing.  The age-old rumor that her family is descended from witches makes not getting run out of town difficult enough. She has no time for love, friends, or distractions. And the new lumberjack in town is most definitely a distraction.

Jack Thompson has yet to meet a woman who didn’t want his money more than him, so why bother dating? He needs to stay focused on researching whether Timber Logging Company would be a good investment for his family’s business. Who cares if his shy new neighbor is gorgeous and could use a little assistance in how to grow her shop’s profits? After all, his father’s plans include buying out TLC and putting the locals out of work – not boosting Fallbank’s economy.

How can Bridget love someone who’s determined to destroy her small-town way of life? How can Jack dismantle Fallbank when he’s not only falling love with the way people live there, but also Bridget? Well…love in a logging town can make anyone fall.

make me stay book by cass scotka

Book 2: Make Me Stay - April 30, 2024

Sarah Wildes didn’t plan to come back to Fallbank, Oregon but when she’s laid off and her apartment floods, there’s no other choice but to go home. While job hunting, Sarah decides to try her hand at small town marketing with her family shop, Three Sisters Apothecary. At the same time, she’s helping to plan her little sister’s wedding. To her dismay this also means partnering with the best man and her ex, Cornelius. She might still love him, but he’d never forgive what happened in college if he found out. Sarah simply needs to keep her feelings in check to get through this wedding and get back to Seattle.

Cornelius Hawthorne grew up loving the girl next door. He never imagined being with anyone else until the day Sarah suddenly broke things off. Ten years later, he co-owns Timber Logging Company and his business partner is getting married. Cornelius decides it’s high time to move on from childish dreams, and the best way to fill the empty place in his life is to find someone new. But when Sarah’s suddenly back home, he’s thrown off his new goals. Cornelius knows trusting Sarah again is a mistake and resolves to keep her at a distance. Too bad his heart doesn’t understand the assignment.

Sarah is hiding her past from Cornelius, but as her emotions rise once more, can she come clean and restart her life in Fallbank? Cornelius was at last ready to move on and find someone new, but with Sarah around can he start fresh? With hearts on the line, can these two heal from the past and see if they can make love stay?

Books 3 & 4: Details Coming Soon!

Get ready to meet Astrid Nagel as she charms her way into Rebecca Wildes’ heart. Follow along as Bishop Wildes makes a run for Jane Swift’s love.

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