The Revolution has cost Verity Sterrett nearly everything. Redcoats killed her father and burned her home. Verity is forced into living with her Loyalist uncle, who is determined to marry her off to a brutal British officer among those boarding with the family. And her beloved brother and his best friend Theo, the man Verity loves, are off fighting for independence. When one of the Redcoats brags of covert plans for an ambush, Verity sees her chance to aid her cause. It’s the first step in her role as a spy in Martha Washington’s spy ring.
Major Theodore Kinnard volunteered to fight for his new nation with ideals of chivalry and honor. War has shattered those ideals. Gifted at sharpshooting, Theo has become General Washington’s best sniper.
Available in eBook & paperback
I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed with the Totally Entwined Group to bring you a 4-book contemporary series about the Wildes, an Oregon logging family.
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