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A bit more about me than a quick blurb in the back of my books.

I’m something of a nomad. I’ve lived in three countries and, as of the time I’m writing this, 10 different states. My military upbringing and my spouse’s career mean moving every so often. If we don’t move within five years, I start to get antsy! Some of my favorite places are California (NorCal or SoCal – any Cal is a great place to be!), Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Ireland. I love traveling and discovering new places, especially those steeped in history. My favorite recent trip was to South Africa and Mozambique. Absolutely A M A Z I N G!!!

I’m an avid reader and have been for the vast majority of my life. My favorite childhood book is A Wrinkle in Time. A female lead, sci-fi/fantasy, and romance all in one beautifully crafted novel. I’m also a die-hard Christopher Pike and LJ Smith fan. Is anyone else still waiting for the final NIGHT WORLD series book? My deep love of paranormal romance is rooted in those books and I haul around a giant plastic tub full of their books from my younger years every time I move. I’ll never let those books go.

Jane Austen is my adult-me favorite. I love every one of her books! Sense and Sensibility is my number one, but I could read all of her books over and over and never get bored. My BFF and I are planning a trip to Austen’s England one day. Some of the other authors (there’s too many to name!) I love are: Tessa Dare, Sarah MacLean, Courtney Milan, Jasmine Guillory, Jen DeLuca, Liana De La Rosa, Ilona Andrews, Lyssa Kay Adams, Nalini Singh, Julia Quinn, Vivienne Lorret, Elizabeth Hunter, Helen Hoang, Shana Galen, and SO MANY MORE. Really, I couldn’t list all of my favorite-always-pre-order-one-click-immediately authors.

I was also in #PitchWars, which is a phenomenal writing contest opportunity to learn more about how to refine your writing, get a little agent attention, and most importantly MAKE FRIENDS IN THE WRITING COMMUNITY. I’ll be forever humbled and grateful to my mentor for choosing me and to ALL of the wonderful people I met and relationships forged through that experience. Spoiler alert, it’s not how I landed my agent! I got her the old fashioned query route.

When I’m not reading, writing, or traveling, I’m…planning what I’m reading or writing or where I’m going next. I also love hiking, binge watching cooking shows, and going to the movies. Baking with my kids is also a very regular occurrence as we all have a strong sweet tooth. Chocolate is life!

The use of the Oxford Comma is most definitely the hill I’m willing to die on. What’s yours? Drop me a note and sign up for my newsletter! I promise not to overload your inbox.

Cass Scotka as Winnie
Me as Winnie
cass scotka at pride 2019
At Pride 2019
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