New contemporary romance series alert! Meet the Wildes of Oregon in…
The Fallbank Series
Coming this July from Cass Scotka & Totally Bound Publishing!

Make Me Fall

Book 1: The Fallbank Series

Life in Fallbank, Oregon is simple and quiet, exactly how Bridget Wildes likes it. She has other things to focus on, like hustling to keep her family store from closing. The age-old rumor that her family is descended from witches makes not getting run out of town difficult enough. She has no time for love, friends, or distractions. And the new lumberjack in town is most definitely a distraction.

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Available now from Cass Scotka & Champagne Books!

Revolutionary Love

Sharpshooter Major Theo Kincaid is fighting for independence,  freedom, and the goodness and innocence of Verity Sterret.

Little does he know, his best friend’s younger sister is fighting, too—as a spy for Martha Washington.

This was SO MUCH FUN! It's that really neat blend of TURN and Hamilton through a romance lens, which doesn't get done nearly enough.


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Meet Cass Scotka

In love with love since reading her first romance at age fifteen.

When an unannounced romance hero walked into her imagination presenting his heroine and pushing her into the spotlight, Cass knew she was destined to become a romance writer.

The adventure of a new book and the comfort of an old favorite are two of her most cherished pleasures. When she’s not writing, this military brat turned military wife explores the world with her husband and two kids.

Revolutionary Love, her first published novel, was released by Champagne Books in August 2021.

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